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Seller Terms & Conditions

At Kids Closet we’ll do our very best to sell your items for you. We’ll determine if they are saleable, and advise you which have been accepted and what we think they can sell for. We will contact you to ensure you are happy with our pricing before uploading items to our website.

Clothing quality and type

Clothing must be freshly laundered and shoes clean. We can't accept any items that are:

  • Showing signs of wear, are stained or dirty, have odours, rips, tears or piling, are faded, misshapen or blemished in any way
  • Home made
  • Underwear, slippers or costumes
  • Sleeping bags, blankets and linen
  • We don't accept items from Best and Less, Kmart, Big W or Target.


Kids Closet determines the initial listing price for items based on the original purchase price you the seller provide, and on market trends. If your clothes do not sell within 12 weeks of being listed, Kids Closet may decide to reduce the listing price by up to 50%. If the item remains unsold for 20 weeks, Kids Closet may deactivate the online listing and donate items to charity, depending on the preference you indicate on the consignment form. 

The seller’s payout is a percentage of Kids Closet’s selling price. Below are the listed percentages of the selling price that you will be paid for individual items.

Note: the payout figure is calculated on the selling price.

Listed price on website

Percentage of sale price paid to seller

$0.00 -$9.99


$10.00 - $19.99


$20.00 -$49.99


$50.00 -$99.99 40%
$100 plus 50%


When items don’t sell

If your items don't sell, we will either donate to charity, or if you have indicated on the consignment form that you want them returned we will send them back to you. Please note the return postage will be at your cost, or your clothing donation will go to our partner charity, Inspiring Brighter Futures Foundation.