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Seller's Guide

Selling your clothes on social media and other sales platforms is a drag. Kids Closet will sell your clothes for you, all we ask is your clothing is freshly laundered and not damaged in any way. It is important that items meet our high standard so buyers can trust they will receive quality purchases. We also don't take brands from Target, Kmart or Big W. 

To start selling with us, click on the link below to order your pre paid satchels. We will send you the satchels/ boxes for a flat fee of $5. All you need to do is drop them into your nearest Australia Post box or we will organise a courier to collect.

What does Kids Closet do with my items once received?

Once we have processed your bag, we will send you an email detailing which items we have selected for listing and each item’s listing price. We will also confirm your preferred treatment of items that we have not selected for sale on our website.

Our staff will process your clothing when we receive them. All your items will be inventoried. Items are carefully inspected and authenticated and then sorted based on whether they are suitable for sale or not. If they are selected for sale, we will categorise them, set a suitable price, press or iron clothing and photograph all items before listing them on our website as for sale. Items that are not selected as suitable for sale will be dealt with according to the preference that you have indicated on the consignment form.

How much will my items list for?

We do our best to research prices for specific or similar items in order to arrive at suitable sales price. Please note that your price expectation needs to take into account the costs that Kids Closet incurs in order to successfully sell your items at an affordable price, including postage, processing (handling, pressing, photographing), marketing, packaging, and sending items to customers. When determining how much we will sell your item for, we need to consider, amongst others:

  • How much we think a customer will pay for the item
  • Condition of the item and whether it has its original price tags on
  • The price paid for the item new
  • Brand, seasonality, age of item, quality and style

For our share of the sale price, we take care of all the hassle and handle all aspects of the sale and the after-sales issues that may arise. You are guaranteed of a fixed payout once your item has sold without any of the costs and time spent selling your items yourself.

 The more in-demand, and suitable your clothes are, the more likely your items will sell and the more you will be paid. Self-assess each item critically, keep in mind how much you will realistically pay for such an item and the convenience of selling with The Closet. Would you buy this item for yourself or your best friend? Also consider that we aim to provide an amazing experience for buyers AND sellers. Hopefully, you will be both.

How much money will I get once my items have been sold?

Your payout is a percentage of Kids Closet's selling price. It increases with the selling price and is subject to change. The following table sets out the percentage of the selling price that you will be paid for individual items. Note that GST is deducted before calculating your payout.




$5.00-  $9.99


$10.00 - 19.99


$20.00 - $49.90 30%
$50.00 - $99.99 40%
$100.00 +


How will I get paid?

You can indicate and amend your preferred method of payment at any time. Payments are made fortnightly via cash payment to your preferred account.

We will not accept items that are:

  • Showing signs of wear, are stained or dirty, have odours, rips, tears or piling, are faded, misshapen or blemished in any way. Items should not be altered or stretched. We do not accept shoes that are scuffed or dirty or appear obviously worn. Ideally, sizing tags are intact.
  • Home made
  • Undesirably themed or display inappropriate or offensive messages and/or words.
  • Underwear, slippers or costumes.

 What happens to items that Kids Closet don't accept?

For items that are not suitable for sale, you have the option to have them returned to you at your cost, or donated to charity.

 Can I change my mind and ask for my accepted items back?

Sorry no. Once we have listed your items they cannot be returned to you.

 What happens with my clothes that do not sell?

If your clothes do not sell within a reasonable period of listing, Kids Closet, at its discretion, may decide to reduce the listing price by up to 50%. If the item remains unsold for more than 4 months, Kids Closet may remove the online listing.

After this time, you may choose to have it posted back to you or donate it to one of the charities supported by Kids Closet. If the item is still in the possession of Kids Closet for a further month because you have not indicated your preference, your item becomes our property to do with as we wish.