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It's time to talk about fast fashion

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OK, it’s time to talk about what we are really passionate about. We’ve been waiting to post about this, and it is something really close to our hearts.

If you’ve read our story, you’ll know that we are bothered by fast fashion. So much so, that it was enough to start a business that is based on recycling clothing.

We’ve quoted some statistics in Our Story that are distressing;


You may have read these before. Fast fashion (mass production of cheap clothing) is a bit of a buzz word and lots of people are paying it more and more attention because of these shocking statistics coming to light.

We are going to share some practices that will reduce or completely terminate your participation in fast fashion.

 Buy Less

The first thing we are going to ask you to do is buy less. Yes, that’s right – we have a retail business and we are asking you to BUY LESS NOW! That’s how much we care about this issue. All the quality or second-hand buying will never make the same impact as buying less. If it helps, I have a wallpaper I’ve downloaded from The Minimalists that encourages you to reconsider before you buy.

Buy Quality

It can be hard to justify buying quality when it usually costs a great deal more. Just remember that you probably can justify it if you follow our buy less step. Buying a new item is also so much more rewarding when you’ve thought carefully about what you want, and haven’t had new things for a while. You’ll really notice how much more you want to take care of things when you have a select few items that you really like. Also be aware that just because you’ve paid a lot for something, doesn’t mean it’s well made.

Take care

It sounds boring but this is so practical. You don’t need to necessarily wash each item of clothing after every use. Following care instructions is also really important. These two practices will add the longevity of your clothes.

Alternatives to buying new

Swap clothes. Find friends who are roughly your size and swap your clothes with them.

Shop second hand…your wonderful local op shops, Kids Closet, or our amazing sister company The Closet.


We really hope these tips help. Remember, you may feel like you can’t do much but think of the people around you who will see your actions and think about their decisions. The flow on effect could be awesome!

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