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Shop new AND sustainably? New with tags – a great introduction to ‘second-hand’ clothes shopping

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There’s never been a better time to start your venture into alternative ways to shop than now. The pre-loved clothing market is on the increase and the products on offer are great value. Perhaps you’ve bought the odd pre-loved item for yourself – but you hadn’t considered this as an option for purchasing your children’s clothing? Purchasing items new with tags is a fantastic avenue for those of you hesitant to take the full leap into the realm of second hand.


There is a prolific amount of choice out there in this not-so-second-hand market, and the most established of these are in women’s clothing. Take Kids Closet sister company The Closet, the largest Australian women’s thrift store online. The Closet has over 600 new with tag items. That’s right – 600 totally new, never worn before and about a third of the price when originally purchased. Perhaps now you can purchase some of those designer brands you would usually find difficult to justify buying


Kids Closet is gradually building its reserves of new with tag clothing including brands such as Benetton, Tilii, Witchery, Country Road, Pumpkin Patch, Rock Your Kid and so many more. We are improving the way we communicate the new with tags ‘factor’ to customers, such as including photographs of the label so you can easily see you are purchasing a new product. We are expecting our stock to continue to increase rapidly as more people realise they have an option to send clothing to us for no cost.


So many parents we speak with are reluctant to take their children’s clothing to an op shop. There seems to be a need to send the clothes somewhere they will be worn immediately rather than forgotten in the back of a shop. What we are finding happens however, is because of this reluctance to send to an op shop, clothes including new with tags are left at the back of closets. They are stored without care for too long. We get beautiful stock through our shop frequently which can’t be sold despite having never been worn because of storage stains.


Finally, the clear advantage to shopping in the second hand space is environmental preservation. The natural resources that go into making clothing, and the difficulty in dealing with landfill once fast fashion is discarded is what has motivated us at Kids Closet. We want you to join us in re-thinking the way we consume all goods – but especially clothing.


So go on – give new with tags a try in the second hand market!






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